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Oh dear, I’ve been remiss. I should have told you weeks ago that Ammachi, the guru with the healing smile and a generousity of spirit that doesn’t quit, is on tour in the states. Here’s her tour schedule. And here’san […]

“What is Oprah, anyway?” asked my youngest as I gathered both boys around the television at four p.m. yesterday. “It’s–she’s–a popular talk show host and Rabbi Shmuley–remember him?–is on her program today,” I told them, thinking: how hard can it […]

I have made the conscious decision to start dressing like a goddess. Well, some might say “like a total kook.” Today, for instance, I put on a black cotton top which has white shells and silver sequins descending the V-neck, […]

Forgive me if you’re not interested in petticoats in any context, and fail to see their spiritual meaning. Perhaps I’m resolving something from a past life. But I’m the proud owner of two major petticoats right now: one in Chinese […]

If you don’t own mala or rosary prayer beads, and if you sometimes find it difficult to keep track of the mantras you are repeating in meditation, or if you have a friend interested in any of these things, these […]

Here’s Beliefnet’s article on Fly Lady, the lovely woman who has helped thousands get their homes spiritually aligned and better organized.

President Bush isn’t the only one down in the polls. Firm belief in God has descended five points in the last year, according to recent Gallup research.

Even the most skeptical skeptic will enjoy reading Richard Tarnas’s new book “Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View.” In it, the cultural historian and professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies uses astrology and planetary correspondences […]

I love this guy. But do you think what he’s saying is true? “Many people today are more tuned into the weekly sitcoms and ‘reality shows’ than they are to what’s going on in the planetary biosphere or even in […]

If you love the religious passion of Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods of Western music as much as I do, you are a lover of what’s called “Early Music.” And depending upon whom you talk to, the music of George […]