Chattering Mind

I love this guy. But do you think what he’s saying is true?

“Many people today are more tuned into the weekly sitcoms and ‘reality shows’ than they are to what’s going on in the planetary biosphere or even in their neighborhood community. What will wake people up from this trance? Many experts believe that some very critical events will unfold within the next decade or so. We’ve already seen some in these last two years: Katrina, the tsunami, the many violent hurricanes and tornadoes, the strangeness of the weather patterns, the melting of the ice caps… And we know from individual lives that there is nothing like a mortal crisis to profoundly reconfigure a person’s life. Out of such a crisis a radical shift of values tends to emerge. The whole moral structure of a person’s or an entire society’s way of being is transformed. It seems to me quite possible that we as a civilization and as a species may face some kind of crisis that will serve to catalyze this awakening. The question is: How severe will the crisis have to be for this awakening to take place? This is where we come in with our free will, our courage, our spirit.”

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