Chattering Mind

When was launched in 1999, Mr. Chattering wanted to allow anyone to talk about religion and spiritual development. He figured that if our producers got Hollywood celebrities to delve into these subjects, others would follow. Gossipy Hollywood interviews about flamboyant homes and designer handbags were plentiful in “Vanity Fair” or “People” magazine. Beliefnet set out to be the antidote.

Problem was, nobody knew of our website and snazzy publicists found our inquiries easy to reject.

Well, look at us now. has indeed branded a new form: the spiritual celebrity conversation. Here’s a partial index of celebrities we’ve nabbed. As it happens, celebrities like talking to us since we want to know their whole truth. Most women’s magazines, for example, will usually omit the fact that Goldie Hawn has a guru or that Meg Ryan meditates. This is partly because editors can’t alienate their hardcore Christian base that still fears yoga has something to do with devil worship.

Oh, I digress. I just wanted to tell you that our latest celebrity coup is on Beliefnet’s homepage tonight. Actor Nick Nolte, now starring in an adaptation of Dan Millman’s popular alt-spiritual novel, “Way of the Peaceful Warrior,” speaks to Valerie Reiss about how Eastern philosophies and a meditation practice have helped him through hard times. He too, apparently, has a chattering mind. “If you’re living in the past, you’re dead. If you’re living in the future, you don’t exist. It’s all going to come as this moment, now. The future will come as now,” he says.

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