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My Day with Doreen Virtue and Her Flock of Angels

The minute my pal Kathleen and I stepped into The Hotel Pennsylvania last weekend, we knew we had exited ordinary New York City and entered an elevated realm. The people milling around effervesced.

“I want an angel T-shirt like that woman’s,” I said, eyes darting right and left.

“Oh, I’m NOT ready for an angel T-shirt,” Kathleen said in a whisper.

“Sure you are! These women are fantastic!”


Everywhere we gazed “lightworkers,” that is, holistic people with some kind of sparkle to them, were eating breakfast, checking their cellphones, or getting back in line to buy more of Doreen Virtue’s angel products: items like angel necklaces (with particular stones for certain angels), angel card sets, angel guide books.


Every one of the 500 present seemed to have a redemptive, healing story to tell as they twinkled in their angel scarves, toting their sequined purses around. The registered nurse sitting next to me had saved her own mother from a death forecast by cardiologists through a hands-on healing method she’d learned from a professional “spiritualist.” Others said they’d spoken to angelic spirits since childhood and had always felt a little strange about it. Some kind of childhood misfortune seemed to touch many of those present.

Doreen Virtue, angelic author, teacher, and personality eventually strode down the Crystal Ballroom’s center aisle, wearing a fetching sky blue floor-length gown with flared sleeves from her new Enchanted Couture clothing line.


Like Lady Madonna, Virtue (which is her birth name, by the way) has exceedingly long blonde tresses that drape over her slim shoulders. Chi pops all around her, and her ATP assistants (that’s Angel Therapy Practitioners) were also resplendent in diaphanous silk serapes and shimmering jewelry.

Virtue gave a slide tour of the 15 angels she generally works with, a wonderful interfaith cast of celestial personages ranging from muy macho Michael to the more androgenous Raphael to that hubba-hubba Norse goddess Freyja (who glides around in a cat-pulled chariot, and apparently endows her believers with the ability to “flirt when sober”). Lots of fasciating information.


The angel Gabrielle is believed to be helpful to writers. Metatron (a non-Google-able angel) is helpful to highly sensitive children (and Virtue exhibited real compassion for kids with developmental delays). Virtue’s obvious skills as a psychic who connects warmly with real people came to the fore when she took questions from the audience. When a woman with a depressed father asked for help, for instance, Virtue quickly said the angels were showing her “television and beer.” “Yes!” the woman said. “All he does is drink and watch television. He made fun of us today for coming to see you.”


“The angels are showing me a little black dog… a small dog.” This confused the woman seeking the help for a moment until another family member seated next to her said, “He did have a little black lamb back in Venezuala as a boy, but his parents killed it.” Virtue left them with specific ideas on how to cheer the father up, including buying him a small black dog he could love and take care of. It all seemed convincing. And often very moving. I do believe that we’re all clairvoyant. My only question is: Do the messages really come from angels, or can our intuition guide us to another’s thoughts?

“Let me see what they’re telling me,” Virtue would often say, referring to her angel friends apparently fluttering nearby. “They just show me things. And then I have to make sense of them.” She has a loving, caring manner. But she also seemed really smart. In the late afternoon, we paired up with partners, meditated while holding that partner’s hands, and then gave mini readings to each other relating what had come to us–through angels or not. My partner said she saw a silent retreat for me, and that I was putting a lot of energy “out.” I saw the need for her to prepare for her mother’s death, who she later agreed was “failing fast.” I also saw a tall ship from the 1800s on smooth waters at sunset. I have no clue what that was about!

You can try your own experiments. My aim is to just absorb as much as I can. Have you spoken to any angels lately? Virtue says they all around you, even when you have no idea.

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Leticia Rodriguez-Pacheco

posted June 11, 2006 at 12:00 am

I love you article on the angels and about you products. I hope to become a buyer of them. I too have been feeling the need to tell others of the need to thank our angels;who help us though the ups and downs. I will be passing on your information to those I know. Again thankyou. Sincerely Leticia By the way my name means Joy or gladness.>

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posted June 11, 2006 at 4:45 pm

I was introduced to Doreen Virtue when my holistic chiropractor gave me a copy of her “Godesses and Angels” book. Doreen definitely has a different way of looking at life, and reading her works can allow you to experience a shift in perception. While this shift may or may not be permanent, we could probably all do with a little (or a lot) more enchantment in out lives! You’re lucky Amy, I would love to see her in person.>

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Iris Alantiel

posted June 11, 2006 at 11:17 pm

I also saw a tall ship from the 1800s on smooth waters at sunset. I have no clue what that was about! Past lives? Just a thought. I’ve had some strange experiences with that kind of thing. A friend bought me Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards a couple of Christmases ago, and I’ve had some pretty interesting experiences with that as well. I’m not ready to say I believe in all of this – I’m keeping an open mind – but it’s certainly interesting, and she seems beautifully sincere.>

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posted June 12, 2006 at 2:56 pm

Ah – your article brought me back to my long-time connection with Archangel Michael. I’ve always felt a strong bond with Michael – took Michael as my confirmation name, which is a pretty powerful choice! Yet I rarely meditate or come to awareness of how Michael empowers me, keeps me on my feet. Thanks for the reminder!>

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posted June 12, 2006 at 3:02 pm

I have seen Doreen in person in Scottsdale Arizona. She is a beautiful woman and caries great confidence. Her birth name, however, was NOT Virtue. That was her first married name. I know angels are real and help us out daily. I am grateful that someone like Doreen leads so many to this realization.>

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posted June 13, 2006 at 1:35 am

Doreen’s Angel Cards have helped me through some rough days. I have always felt there was somone watching over me. In the past year I have come to the awakening of this awareness and it is very uplifting to have this knowledge come to light.>

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posted June 23, 2006 at 11:22 am

Have been to a seminar and loved every minute of it. High energy and yet very calming – definitely stays with you and gets you thinking. As for the ‘tall ship from the 1800s on smooth water at sunset’ – the 6 of swords card in tarot depicts a boat getting out of troubled waters..maybe it signifies that the ill mother mentioned will be making a smooth journey(boat = travel/journey)into the sunset(day is ending)and her death won’t be painful(smooth water)? Just a thought!>

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posted July 10, 2006 at 5:44 pm

Angel clothes ,Angel cards ,angel workshops,even Angel tressess Ms Virtue & cronies who I suspect, has penned this “blog” have created quite an industry . Overpriced imformation that should FREELY AVALIBLE !!>

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