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Meat as Medicine?

Thought I’d continue the meat theme (see my griping above) by letting you know about Vegetarian Summerfest. From July 5th to 9th at the University of Pittsburgh in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, non-face-eaters will gather on the campus–a 650-acre mountaintop wildlife preserve with 40 acres of hiking trails–to listen to speakers, make food, eat food and play.

Maybe I’m mentioning all this meat/veggie stuff to alleviate my own conscience–though I’ve been pescatarian for years (meaning I eat fish), I’ve recently begun sampling red meat on the recommendation of a nutritionist and an acupuncturist. I need to build my chi, says the latter. The former says that because I’ve just recovered from a blood-based cancer (lymphoma), I should be eating more blood-strengthening foods.


I generally find the whole thing pretty icky, but last week I went to the farmer’s market, got beef from the happiest most clean-living, hormone- and antibiotic-free cow ever, made tiny patties and froze them. I’ve been meting them out since, having falafel-sized hamburgers on bread with Annie’s ketchup and greens. I feel a bit heavy after, not stronger, but we’ll see. I still can’t really think about what I’m eating–I’ve looked deeply into too many cow eyes to feel that it is truly okay to eat another mammal. But right now, I’m one-burger-at-a-timing it.

Do you eat meat? What kind? Why?

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Ariel Nessel

posted June 13, 2006 at 7:46 am

As a full-fledged veggie, I can only imagine how difficult to would be to incorporate advice from my health advisor to begin eating meat. Unfortunately, I think many of these well-intentioned people are not overly proficient in nutrition. I highly rec’d taking a look at for more info on what meat does for cancer. I actually just saw an article that showed a veg diet greatly reduce the risk of breast cancer re-occurance. you can google it. However, on the subject of protein, I’d check out this link: May your recovery be quick!>

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posted June 13, 2006 at 1:41 pm

CM, since you asked: I eat meat because my parents ate meat and I have always eaten meat. I’m sure that to a vegetarian, this is not a very good reason, but it’s all I have. I do give thanks to the animals who give their lives so that I may have protein. I think this is what hunter societies do. I also believe that plants are alive and eating plants differs from eating animals in degree rather than kind. We have to eat something. It’s the food chain, older than humans by far. This may not seem very sensitive or conscious to you urban vegetarians. You have the right to choose what you eat, just as I do. Perhaps you are more enlightened than me. Perhaps your vibration is higher than mine. All I can say is that eating meat does not conflict with my world view at this time.>

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posted June 13, 2006 at 2:43 pm

In the past years,it seems all i hear lately is that meat was not good for you in the long run. At first i just laughted it off. But as time went on,i heared more and more about it. So i found myself staying away from animal meat as much as i can. I eat mostly chicken or fish now. But i want to say that i feel much weaker in strength,as i did before. Sometimes i don’t think people really don’t know what was good for them,or not. As i did not see any different’s in the results of what people died of,and of early age in some cases. I do know that most people that are full vegetarian seem to have a paler complection,as being whiter. I myself try to keep it a little balanced out with a little of everything. But really would like to know if a little animal meat hurts your body any more then anything else in this world. After all,even in the bible they killed calves,and lamb for a feast. I don’t know how far back to Adam and Eve what they ate,or when it all started with animals. As i have never heard anyone preach on it.>

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posted June 13, 2006 at 8:45 pm

I eat meat, and just want to say that if you don’t, make sure you’re eating whatever you’re supposed to eat to make up for it. I hope Ms. Chattering comes up with any possible solutions to her moral dilemma, and even more, stays healthy. God bless!>

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paulette jones

posted June 14, 2006 at 3:36 pm

yes I eat meat. probably because I was raised on meat. but as I get older I find myself eating less red meat. Not that I am giving up meat but I find it kind of heavy like you said. I like to eat light that way I can eat a lot of food and not feel stuffed. My most favorite food is seafood. And I love vegitables. You be blessed and live a wonderful life. Paulette>

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posted June 20, 2006 at 3:55 pm

Raised on a orphanage farm, black angus cattle, chickens…you get the drift. Clean, well fed, pampered even. Grew our veggies, raised our meat, fed the 45+ children…We had meat at one meal per day. an adult I choose to eat meat once or twice weekly and choose veggies, fruit and grains. Balance is the key to the unlocked door of nutrition. Don’t forget to bless and purify your food and thank it for giving it’s life to nourish yours. Here is a good routine: As I prepare my meal I say “thank you for giving your life to nourish mine”. As I sit to eat, “bless and purify this food so that it may nourish my body and soul, and may all those who are hungry be associated with this meal so they too can reap it’s spiritual rewards”. Takes a minute, works a miracle.>

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