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Any minute now (ok, Wednesday) will be the summer solstice. June 21st is the longest day of the year, the beginning of official summer (though I don’t think the weather is on that schedule here on the East broiling Coast), and, according to Beliefnet astrologist Shelley L. Ackerman, the start of a rather dramatic season.

In her new “Stars of Summer” story for us, she quotes astrologer Emily Baumbach who says, “Summer 2006 is a time of re-evaluation. Many of us will need to strengthen our roots. We think we know what’s important, but do we really? While our careers may be the focus, it’s soul-growth that is much more essential right now. We need to strengthen our ability to tolerate ambiguity, frustration, and all of the ‘young-soul’ acting out that is going on around us.”

It also looks like it’s going to be a bumpy summer for Bush and Cheney, and a happening time for Al Gore and Oprah—and tumultuous actual weather for many of us. To read more, go here.

–by Valerie Reiss (Amy’s on vacation)

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