Chattering Mind

“The angels told me that the invention of the lightbulb marked the onset of new diseases in the human race. Artificial lighting spurred us to extend our waking hours, as we tried to create an endless period of daylight. Lightbulbs allowed us to bypass our natural circadian rhythms of waking and sleeping with the sunrise and sunset.

“The problem of staying indoors under artificial lighting was also compounded by sun and moonlight being filtered through glass windows. The angels said, ‘Being outside beneath the rays of the sun, stars, and moonlight is infinitely different from staring at them through a filtered lens. Your mind and body absorb the light’s pure essence and full spectrum only when you experience them directly.’

“We’re spirits incarnated upon a beautiful planet that has physically based light sources – the sun, moon, and stars – that are designed to support and heal us. Light is a tool available to everyone, free of charge. When this is coupled with love, the possibilities are unlimited.”

Doreen Virtue, Angel Medicine.

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