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The mailbox was brimming with catalogs when I came home after nine days away. I had two favorites. “Garden’s Alive” is a wonderful source for every conceivable organic or natural gardening product. I’m about to order its herbicide, Moss Aside, to gently eliminate the moss that grows between the bricks of our backyard patio. I am tiring of my own “moss pulling” meditation, so perhaps this stuff will help me out.

And the “Penzeys Spices” catalog that arrived last week has an array of cool, summery spices and barbeque seasonings. This company’s website really doesn’t do its products justice, but if you click here, you can request your own catalog full of healthy, salt-free seasonings, the “grill and broil” spices that make summer cooking easy, and spicy “Some Like It Hot” offerings. This is an excellent resource for inexpensive wedding presents!

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