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Gee, you readers are great, and so generous with great links and suggestions. Write me more, let’s interact (spiritual material does not get as much of a written response from Beliefnet members as political talk, but I don’t know why […]

The May-June issue of “Mothering” has a good article on baby-parent attachment and the pernicious influence of those baby car seats thought to be nifty since you can tote your child around everywhere in them, from car to store to […]

I’ve been working hard to build my internal iron reserves in the last few weeks by discovering dietary iron sources I never knew about (Royal Jelly has just been recommended to me, have you ever tried it?). I also give […]

Thanks to Eevie Keys who sent us this link to her favorite cat humor site, good for any moment you need a little lift (don’t send PETA after me for this, though). Thanks also to Erik, who reminded us that […]