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January 1, 1970 Archives

I have made the conscious decision to start dressing like a goddess. Well, some might say “like a total kook.” Today, for instance, I put on a black cotton top which has white shells and silver sequins descending the V-neck, […]

Forgive me if you’re not interested in petticoats in any context, and fail to see their spiritual meaning. Perhaps I’m resolving something from a past life. But I’m the proud owner of two major petticoats right now: one in Chinese […]

If you don’t own mala or rosary prayer beads, and if you sometimes find it difficult to keep track of the mantras you are repeating in meditation, or if you have a friend interested in any of these things, these […]

Here’s Beliefnet’s article on Fly Lady, the lovely woman who has helped thousands get their homes spiritually aligned and better organized.