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January 1, 1970 Archives

Got a note yesterday from Pamela Miles, author of “Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide,” reminding me that PBS is airing a documentary about five children facing cancer–“A Lion in the House”–tonight and Thursday evening. “Seeing others’ conflicts and pain helps us […]

The Chattering boys and I are developing a way they can enjoy unstructured time at home or on the block while I blog (now that school is out and camp hasn’t started). I found some nice tips on how to […]

“The longer we practice in relationship together, the more the heat builds. Sometimes the energy is warm; other times it burns. Still, there is only one thing to practice: gentleness, fearlessness, and the deepening of compassion for self and other. […]

One of my favorite writers, Waverly Fitzgerald, has launched a blog called “A Flower a Day” in which she provides sweet facts about the flowers, plants, and trees of the month, as well as tidbits on their mythology, and medicinal […]