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January 1, 1970 Archives

* Biodegradeable sunscreen. (Mr. C. is actually worried I will think of nothing but skin cancer as I vacation with the whole Chattering family on the U.S. Virgin Islands this week.) * Yoga clothes. The hotel wisely boasts of classes. […]

Hi, Valerie here, subbing for Amy while she gets all sandy and relaxed. Though it may seem like yoga has peaked in popularity, Rodale just renewed faith in the stretchy genre with a new magazine, Yoga Life. The tagline is, […]

Thought I’d continue the meat theme (see my griping above) by letting you know about Vegetarian Summerfest. From July 5th to 9th at the University of Pittsburgh in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, non-face-eaters will gather on the campus–a 650-acre mountaintop wildlife preserve […]