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January 1, 1970 Archives

“The angels told me that the invention of the lightbulb marked the onset of new diseases in the human race. Artificial lighting spurred us to extend our waking hours, as we tried to create an endless period of daylight. Lightbulbs […]

A reader asked how Tibetan prayer flags work. Well, here’s a nice explanation of what they are and how they are believed to bestow positivity and reverence for the Dharma (the Buddhist path). And here are some wonderful photographs of […]

“Parenthood is a clumsy yet majestic dance in the flames. When you parent, you fall in love with a person who is always changing into someone else, and who you know will leave you.” —Elizabeth Lesser, “Broken Open: How Difficult […]

My nurse practitioner/healthcare coordinator from Olive Leaf called today to tell me that blood tests show I’m anemic. Again. More anemic than last year. Anemia, or more specifically dietary iron deficiency, is the vegan mom’s ailment, isn’t it? But I […]