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“Is your mom mom-ish?” I overheard my older son ask another boy once. When he said it, I felt my own mom-ishness presented to me as a high concept. One wouldn’t want to be too mom-ish, would one? A little mom-ishness goes a long way. But now the most mom-ish of all days is approaching. May 14 is Mom-ish, I mean Mother’s Day.

As you cast around for gift ideas, you might want to glance at a website my friend (and first editor!) Carol Edgar showed me. Holy Orders solely markets merchandise made by people in monastic orders. On its homepage an animated nun on a tractor will greet you, an icon that nicely captures this website’s sweet spirit.

Anyway, the most mom-ish item here is this handkerchief with “Bless You” embroidered on it! But poke around here to find other goodies, some of them edible.

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