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January 1, 1970 Archives

“I find myself saying briefly and prosaically that it is much more important to be oneself than anything else. Do not dream of influencing other people, I would say, if I knew how to make it sound exalted. Think of […]

“I have many memories of quiet times in my life: an evening hearing frogs croak by the lake; an evening hearing catfish hit the bottom of a boat; the straightness of the pine trees in Mississippi; the Evergreens and Aspens […]

I spent eleven hours training last week with Reiki master Pamela Miles, author of “Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide.” She speaks accessibly on the topic and seems to understand and have contacts within the mainstream medical community. It seems like she […]

My husband Mr. Chattering (a.k.a. Steve Waldman) and spirituality editor Valerie Reiss (who’ll be blogging for me while I vacation in two weeks) have a short “Periscope” item in the current issue of Newsweek in which they define what […]