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January 1, 1970 Archives

“If you’re trying to figure out what’s coming next, turn off everything you own that has an ‘off’ switch, and listen. Make up some plans and be willing to change them on a dime. Identify your heart’s truest desire and […]

“…we must understand that meditation, the centerpiece of the Buddhist path, is itself the most radical kind of political action. Why? In meditation, we step out of the value system of the conventional world and start to look at things […]

My friend Nell Minow introduced me to the most marvelous “contemplative photography” website last night. It’s called “Miksang,” a word that means “good eye” in Tibetan, and it was launched by Nova Scotian photographer Michael Wood. He blends his own […]

Nice editorial from David Brooks in The New York Times yesterday on how to develop a public policy that might bolster the brain power of our children. He concludes–surprise, surprise–that love is all they need. “Kids learn from people they […]