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January 1, 1970 Archives

In the airport last night, on my way to South Carolina to visit my dad, I purchased the latest copies of “O” (Oprah’s magazine) and “Spa.” My chattering assumption (I could hear it loud and clear) was that in “Spa” […]

Oh! This is such fun: here’s the link to Shelley Ackerman’s guide to what to give your mother this Sunday, organized by astrological sign.

I think you’ll like this essay by Katherine Ozment, a mom who reflects on the day her small son served as ring boy at a gay wedding., the online lit mag that published this piece, is always brimming with […]

Mother’s Day is not easy for those whose moms didn’t “deliver,” or for those whose moms are dead. Here’s a user-generated article from’s Mother’s Day package, helpful to those feeling distanced from the upcoming commemoration on Sunday. My own […]