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January 1, 1970 Archives

In her latest nutritional newsletter, New York-based health and wellness expert Myra Klockenbrink encouraged people to visit their neighborhood grassy areas to pick young, serrated dandelion greens. She included a recipe for sautéing the greens with minced onion (or shallot), […]

The gorgeous blessing I published yesterday turns out to be Irish. That’s not too surprising, is it? And in response to one reader’s question, a lintel is a horizontal structural beam that spans any architectural opening, usually a door. Here […]

My friend Frances Stahnke, director of the a yoga studio in Northern Virginia, wrote me with the following morning meditation and blessing, which she says came to her “on the spirit airways” Monday morning. You may recite it or think […]

“Is your mom mom-ish?” I overheard my older son ask another boy once. When he said it, I felt my own mom-ishness presented to me as a high concept. One wouldn’t want to be too mom-ish, would one? A little […]