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Thanks to reader Wendy for recommending these two uplifting, well-reviewed GameCube games: It’s a Wonderful Life (part of the “Harvest Moon” series), and Animal Crossing. I’m ordering them today (since the elder Chattering has a birthday in May), and I’ll […]

Brooklyn-based, internationally-known Feng Shui teacher Nancy SantoPietro recently sent the following invitation to those interested in studying what she calls “Chakracology,” a healing method she created that combines shining colored light on the body with music and sound to heal […]

In the coming monthsOmega Institute will provide live web broadcasts of three major workshops. For a fee that ranges from $65 to $100, you’ll be able to experience retreats broadcast live from Rhinebeck, New York, from the comfort of your […]

I have seen the future of jewelry and this is it: beautifully arranged, energetically potent gemstones charged with healing Reiki energy. Wow. Wouldn’t you love to wear jewelry that has been prayed over to bless you? If you were ill, […]

Below, a request from CM readers researching a spiritual pet book: – Do you consider your relationship to your pets(s) sacred and spiritual? – Do you count furry, fishy, or flying friends as part of the family? – Are there […]

“One lamp–thy mother’s love–amid the starsShall lift its pure flame changeless, and beforeThe throne of God, burn through eternity–Holy–as it was lit and lent thee here.” —Nathaniel Parker Willis

Much as I’d like to say, “My kids play their cellos every morning and are partial to Bach,” they actually play computer games on Saturdays, Sundays, and some vacation days. I held off on these until the oldest Chattering felt […]

“Movie Mom” Nell Minow, my favorite online film critic, recently wrote a great piece for the Chicago Tribune about her reaction to seeing parents plop a DVD player in front of their daughter so the youngster could watch a Disney […]

Thanks for your posts! Keep writing! I got some good ones on how to speak to the dead. A reader named Mary said that she talks to her deceased Mom all the time. “I ask her for guidance. She helps […]

Great thoughts from you on money too! Chanteuse writes: “I value my time more highly and my money less so, so I take less care of it while I focus on getting kids to various activities and on arranging a […]