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January 1, 1970 Archives

Share this with your friends who are clinging to any particular best-selling diet book regimen! “Do not become so diet-conscious as for the diet to become master, rather than the self being master of the diet.” –Edgar Cayce, from “No […]

Let the sunshine in! Naturally. I’ve purchased three seven-ounce tubes of UV Natural SPF 30+ sunscreen, which is now selling at Whole Foods, Nordstrom, and in the Chinaberry and Isabella catalogs. (Pssst: here’s a link to a place that reduces […]

I think we did so well by Paul (whose spam filter has kicked back my note telling him we tackled his relationship problem last week), that I’m now encouraging all readers to ask me for assistance in addressing personal/spiritual challenges. […]

This month’s Sage Woman magazine (“celebrating the goddess in every woman”) gives Real Simple and other slick, “complicated lifestyle magazines” a run for their money with articles like “Simplicity as an Act of Worship,” and “Packing Light.” Formerly the mag […]

If you work as a manager/team leader, or if you know someone currently struggling to stay conscious and heart-centered in a business management or ownership situation, the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society is coordinating a “Power […]