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January 1, 1970 Archives

“In the practice of Intimate Communion we learn that love is something you do, not something you fall into or out of. Love is something that you practice, like playing tennis or the violin, not something you happen to feel […]

“Leave behind all regrets about the past, let us not make the path to the future difficult for ourselves. The very mistakes of the past must not fix attention upon themselves. Striving into the future must be so strong that […]

After blogging last week on James Van Praagh’s views of the afterlife, I was asked by reader Azmina how she might contact her deceased husband. I have my own ideas, but on this I decided to consult my pal Sarvananda […]

“If we have lost someone we love, we must be able to raise ourselves to a feeling of thankfulness that we have had him; we must be able to think selflessly of what he was to us until his death, […]