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“I don’t know if the conversations I have with God are actually prayer, but I have faith that the conversation is enough. I believe in karma and trying to ‘do the right thing.’ I believe in Mother Nature and try […]

I’m not complaining. My father is staying in a pretty good hospital, but if I ran the zoo (a reference to that amazing Dr. Seuss book), man-oh-man, everything would be different. My ideal hospital would be a center for true […]

“We don’t need to overcomplicate things with all sorts of wandering discursive thoughts, superstitions, doubts, and over-thinking everything. Be strong and straightforward within, have strong intention, and develop firm faith, devotion and inner conviction. What you decide to do, you […]

Thanks to all the readers who’ve shared their stories about caring for elderly or ailing family members. Kathryn, currently preparing to bid farewell to her dad, wrote this: We have decided to obey his every request right now, including letting […]