Chattering Mind
January 1, 1970 Archives

It was great to see Mr. Chattering and the kids again. But while I was gone my children acquired new friends–thriving head lice. Apparently, our school has become infested. Two hours into my homecoming, I was combing Pantene cream rinse […]

I’ve seen a realm I knew existed but hadn’t visited before. It’s a world in which you say to a Delta ticket agent: “My 91-year-old father is terribly ill, and I can’t spontaneously pay $1,200 for every plane ticket.” It’s […]

Did you catch actor Hal Holbrook (in the guise of a hospital patient) tell Tony Soprano last night that “We are all connected. We are all one”? Later in the program, the nation’s favorite gangster confesses that he’s thinking we […]