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I try to make a daily gratitude list. Sometimes I call it a gratitude prayer. Requiring no pen or paper, it’s just a conscious ticking off of the people or things or moments for which I am thankful today. I […]

“How do you feel about using the word ‘God’ in your ceremony of marriage?” I had successfully avoided the question–buried in the 10-page survey that our officiant had us fill out–for a full week. The answer was so obvious and […]

“Mommy, what if heaven is all a dream?” my younger son asked Thursday night, knowing that I was going away Friday to be with my 91-year-old father who has been hospitalized again. “Yes, and what if life is all a […]

“Freud is Not Dead” reads the March 27th cover story of Newsweek. Actually, I don’t want to contemplate whether Freud’s thinking is dead or alive, in or out. What I’d like to behold with you is that couch, the couch, […]

We were talking about affirmations earlier this week, those little uplifting phrases you say to yourself throughout the day. The reigning queen of this practice is Louise Hay, a self-help teacher famous for assigning affirmations to any problem and helping […]

Mystical experiences are a universal, spiritually revelatory phenomenon with all kinds of individual textures––time suddenly comes to a glorious halt, or the world becomes one breathing, whole organism, or the entire cosmos and your place in it immediately make soul-shaking […]

Let’s change that Passover salutation “Next year in Jerusalem” to “Next year in Montego Bay!” Shall we? For the upcoming Jewish holiday, offers an upbeat Reggae Passover CD. (Click on the words “Audio Library” at the top of the […]

“Spring cleaning is a time to release what we are hiding. The room such things take robs us of new life. Now is the time to gather the old from under those sneaky bushes where things tend to hide. Now […]

One CM reader sides with Mr. Chattering in believing that morning people are born, not made. In fact, Rebecca T. (who ruminates on all kinds of smart things here) says true night people have trouble adjusting in a world that […]

Yesterday Salon posted Steve Paulson’s wonderfully readable interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning Harvard professor Edward O. Wilson, founder of sociobiology and author of “On Human Nature.” Wilson may not say what you want to hear about God’s existence–he’s not so sure […]