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January 1, 1970 Archives

Don’t sign important documents, or initiate large-scale projects for the next three weeks! Vedic astrologer James Kelleher has this to say in his newsletter about the Mercury Retrograde period we will remain in through March 25th. Interesting that this period […]

When I blogged about psychics yesterday, I neglected to mention that wonderful bundle of articles on psychic phenomena ran here, on, last year. Good psychcs don’t really fortune tell, they can reveal to you what you already know, but […]

Giving up white flour and refined sugar for Lent hasn’t been that rough, though I am reminded daily of just how frequently those two ingredients appear in almost everything desirable. One nice re-discovery: millet bread (it contains millet and brown […]

This month’s “Health” magazine mentions a yoga website called, where you can purchase audio files of great yoga classes for $9 each. After purchase, they live in your hard drive, and you can re-use them whenever you like! Cool. […]