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Waverly Fitzgerald, the mind behind the one-of-a-kind website School of the Seasons, has a paid semi-monthly newsletter that this month offers the following great idea for preparing for Lent. I encourage you to subscribe to this worthy project if you […]

I heard Randy Cohen, author of “The New York Times” ethical advice column, recently say on NPR that throughout human history, the conduct of “believers” has not been all that different from the conduct of “non-believers.” Intrigued, I found an […]

Editors at are reorganizing Beliefnet’s homepage, and in the process, they have come to me with a question I have not been able to answer. For the purposes of helping folks navigate the site, they need to give “New […]

Thanks to Patty who wrote: I just need to chime in, being a “Jane Eyre” scholar and a big fan of Chattering Mind. Bertha Rochester, as she is named in Bronte’s novel, is indeed the “madwoman in the attic,” but […]

Writer and now pen pal Nell Minow, author of “The Movie Mom’s Guide to Family Movies,” sent me a link to her own blog post about the pleasures of re-reading favorite books from childhood. At the end of that piece, […]

“Of all the animosities which have existed among mankind, those which are caused by a difference of sentiments in religion appear to be the most inveterate and distressing, and ought most to be deprecated. I was in hopes that the […]

Last week, British actress and dancer Moira Shearer died at age 80. Although her most famous film may still be analyzed in college women’s studies classes, many of you young pups may not know it, which is why I want […]

Now that we’ve all calmed down and heard Vice President Cheney admit that the day he peppered his friend with birdshot was one of the worst of his life, I have a book to recommend. It’s called “The Blessing,” and […]

On Wednesday, I mentioned Sam Harris’s blog post about scientists partaking in a group meditation retreat. Later that afternoon, I spied a provocative article by Harris called ‘Taking the Religion Out of Buddhism’ touted on the cover of the March […]

This afternoon, I tried to meditate with our fluffy black cockapoo Chester according to the instructions given in James Jacobson and Kristine Chandler Madera’s book ‘How to Meditate with Your Dog.‘ I started by playing meditative flute music on the […]