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January 1, 1970 Archives

The trendy, high-in-antioxidants pomegranate (read all about it in The Bible and Qu’ran!) now occupies a place of status alongside the reliable lemon, lime, and cherry. Polar Beverages is peddling a nice pomegranate-flavored seltzer. I saw it in the grocery […]

Waverly Fitzgerald, the mind behind the one-of-a-kind website School of the Seasons, has a paid semi-monthly newsletter that this month offers the following great idea for preparing for Lent. I encourage you to subscribe to this worthy project if you […]

I heard Randy Cohen, author of “The New York Times” ethical advice column, recently say on NPR that throughout human history, the conduct of “believers” has not been all that different from the conduct of “non-believers.” Intrigued, I found an […]