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January 1, 1970 Archives

A reader recommended the works and website of Maria Cilley, a.k.a. “Fly Lady,” many weeks ago. Wow. What a reservoir of quirky but sensible advice on how to organize your home for maximum health and effectiveness. While the tips on […]

“I don’t worry about the right-wingers on AM radio. They are talking to an audience that is stuck in rush-hour traffic, in whom road rage is mounting, and the talk shows divert their rage from the road to the liberal […]

Thanks so much also to the kind reader who wrote: My son is Jewish-Christian. He was Bar Mitzvah’d at 13 and is being confirmed at 14. But he has also been exposed to all the world’s religions and lives in […]

Thanks to Bishop Craig Bergland, who wrote this reponse to yesterday’s post about my son, who worries about whether he believes in God, and whether he can be a Jewish Buddhist. Buddhism has been a very significant part of my […]