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January 1, 1970 Archives

The Jewish commemoration of the world’s trees–Tu B’Shevat–(also known as the birthday of the Tree of Life) falls on the full midwinter moon, this February 12th. If you care to celebrate this holiday with your children (who will be immediately […]

The Mulla was resting under a huge oak tree next to a field of melons. As he lay there, he thought, “Hmm, everyone says that the Creator has a grand plan, but look at this majestic oak tree with its […]

When I last toured George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate, I was astonished to see and touch a tree that the father of our country planted himself (well, I’m not certain he did the actual shovelling, but…). You’ll find photographs of […]

“The homemakers of old had an instinctive knowledge of the helping elemental beings, of the protecting penates and the spirituality of a household, which the human being today has lost. “But since the household organism is a real world, the […]