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More from David Deida, “Blue Truth: A Spiritual Guide to Life & Death and Love & Sex.” “Modern-day spiritual culture tends to be a lukewarm miasma of stiffened women and spineless men–very efficient and quite prudent. Once you have balanced […]

As promised, from David Deida’s “Blue Truth.”: “Naive youth gets lost in the brief rush of pleasure. Depressed grown-ups linger in the not-enough of vacant embrace. The truth is that every moment is tangibly insubstantial. The true lover surrenders beyond […]

I find this next Bonhoeffer quote of great interest to people sometimes described as “spiritual, but not religious.” Actually, I am a Presbyterian who writes on contemplative spiritual matters that might appeal to those of emerging or blended faith. Despite […]

Speaking of relationships…. I once met a man at a party who said he was getting a divorce. “Oh, I’m so so sorry,” I said. “It’s okay,” said he. “I didn’t really know my wife.” Then I lamented, “Oh! Well! […]

Chattering Mind is now on an e-mailed Beliefnet newsletter called GLOW that can rest peacefully within your virtual inbox of work memos, love letters, and spam, gently beckoning you to open it up and savor its helpful contents. “Helloooooo. Find […]

I caught the tail end of PBS’s program on Deitrich Bonhoeffer last night, and I was so moved by the quote used to end the program, that I ran to my desk to find the paragraph online. Actually, what’s interesting, […]

You may be seeking deeper intimacy. Spiritual intimacy. You may be wanting to be known more deeply and seen more truly–by your partner or by your own gorgeous self. You may want to be relished, ravaged, broken open, loved for […]