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Did you cast out your sins, along with your pocket lint and kitchen breadcrumbs, last October for Rosh Hashanah? Perhaps you made resolutions, kissed, and tossed confetti on December 31st. Even if everything worked, even if you’re functioning nicely, feeling […]

What a great way to quietly inculcate in a growing girl the idea that she too may one day nurse her own baby. And you shouldn’t have to seek privacy by throwing an old nursing blanket over it! This doll […]

Ever wonder why the miso made from store-bought miso paste isn’t as good as the miso you’re served in Japanese restaurants? Not long ago, I asked the man behind the counter of our local sushi carryout about this, and he […]

“Who is the audience for this thing?” my 91-year-old father asked, trying to show interest but clearly perplexed. I had my laptop out, and I was kneeling beside him, scrolling through my weblog, stopping at items he might like. He […]

If you are fatigued by those “Seven Days to Better Abs” articles (too often advanced by women’s magazines with chocolate cake photos on their covers), this month’s Vegetarian Times features an article by Shelley Levitt that will assist you in […]

Over the years, as I’ve watched Richard Gere talk about his love for Tibetan Buddhism, I have struggled to get past my snobby skepticism that a handsome actor once married to a gorgeous supermodel could tell me anything about reality. […]

In the January/February issue of The Atlantic Monthly, writer Caitlin Flanagan says–after lengthy analysis–that some young girls may be performing a brand of highly impersonal oral sex on boys as a last-ditch effort to appropriately postpone deeper experiences (like intercourse […]

Afer I write a blog item these days, I try to locate a free photograph on the web to accompany whatever I’ve written. So just now, when I went on the prowl for a Richard Gere photo, I decided to […]

If you hated missing that vast Yoga Journal yoga conference in San Francisco ten days ago, Yoga Journal’s website provides blogged synopses of numerous workshops. “Our breath is our constant companion, a lover who has picked us up from the […]

Two months ago, I considered blogging about how you really have to wash your Brita pitcher out now and then, since mine had grown a slight but eerie green slime when I wasn’t looking. But then, I discarded the idea […]