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January 1, 1970 Archives

“Mommy, you know, I can HEAR my mind,” said nine-year-old son Gordon this morning. “In fact, I am listening to it right now.” “Oh, that’s great!” said I. We are in the car, and just a block from their school. […]

This month’s issue of SpiritLed Woman, a glossy Christian woman’s magazine that’s getting better and more interesting, has a piece on marital relations that gave me pause. In it, the writer encourages married women to refrain from masturbating. While alone, […]

I picked up an issue of the hot new home design magazine “Domino,” and I was happy to see that it’s a publication with a clear-seeing eye out for people who can’t afford the latest red refrigerator or hand-painted wallpaper. […]

I think I am working too hard. “I know you are working too hard!” said Mr. Chattering last night. “Read Andrew Sullivan, read the great bloggers! You can save yourself some effort by sticking with just a few ideas, instead […]