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I have what may not be an uncommon view of astrology generally–I am skeptical. And yet, whether or not astrology is accurate doesn’t trouble me, doesn’t keep me from regarding it with respect and great interest. I see it as […]

I prop my drooping rose(its toppled headhung on the limp stalkof its spent neck) first, on a wishful finger:tilting the vase this wayand that, for a pointof balance that won’t endure; then, on a twist-tie’s wrappedwire, fished from a drawerto […]

Sadly, Mr. Chattering bundled up and left the house this morning in a carpool. The New York City transit strike is still in full flower, and though I tried to convince him he could get more work done at […]

Thanks to the “tea totalers” who wrote me with healty tea suggestions. One reader recommends a high-antioxidant tea I’ve never tried called Rooibos (Red Bush) from South Africa, available from the Numi company at Whole Foods. I will look for […]

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. I have rejoiced over the small pleasures that today’s New York City transit strike has granted me. Mr. Chattering stayed at home to work at his home computer and I am warmed by […]

Congratulations Kurt Eichenwald, writer of yesterday’s front-page New York Times article about how a thirteen-year-old California youth became ensnared in child pornography and then prostitution through his own family’s sad disconnectedness and a web cam. This article will no doubt […]

I had cut back on my black tea consumption because–like many women post-childbirth, pre-menopause–I run slightly anemic, and both tea and coffee are known to inhibit the body’s absorption of iron. But now, a Swedish team has suggested that drinking […]

Here is a provocative, many might say highly inflammatory passage from the opening chapter of the book “The Return of the Light: Twelve Tales from Around the World for the Winter Solstice”by Carolyn McVickar Edwards, now in its 5th Anniversary […]

Last night the Chatterings held a family meeting at the dining room table. We took turns holding a “talking stick,” which initially was a lit candlestick ringed with tiny Christmas ornaments. Later, when the candlestick proved too distracting and delicate, […]

Can NPR’s Terry Gross get any better at extracting delicate spiritual insights from the folks she so skillfully has on her program? I love her. I listen to her show “Fresh Air” in the car when I’m on my way […]