Chattering Mind
January 1, 1970 Archives

I prop my drooping rose(its toppled headhung on the limp stalkof its spent neck) first, on a wishful finger:tilting the vase this wayand that, for a pointof balance that won’t endure; then, on a twist-tie’s wrappedwire, fished from a drawerto […]

Sadly, Mr. Chattering bundled up and left the house this morning in a carpool. The New York City transit strike is still in full flower, and though I tried to convince him he could get more work done at […]

Thanks to the “tea totalers” who wrote me with healty tea suggestions. One reader recommends a high-antioxidant tea I’ve never tried called Rooibos (Red Bush) from South Africa, available from the Numi company at Whole Foods. I will look for […]