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January 1, 1970 Archives

Last night the Chatterings held a family meeting at the dining room table. We took turns holding a “talking stick,” which initially was a lit candlestick ringed with tiny Christmas ornaments. Later, when the candlestick proved too distracting and delicate, […]

Can NPR’s Terry Gross get any better at extracting delicate spiritual insights from the folks she so skillfully has on her program? I love her. I listen to her show “Fresh Air” in the car when I’m on my way […]

Wow! I have met my first shaman, and what a wonderfully nurturing woman she is. Her name is Donna Henes, but she is known to many as Mama Donna. She has written several books, the most recent of which is […]

Silly me, I always thought singer Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam ) had written the melody behind “Morning Has Broken,” a hit in 1970. The song is, in fact, an old Gaelic Christmas hymn called “Christ in the Manger.” You’ll […]