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January 1, 1970 Archives

I woke up at five a.m. one recent morning, in part because I’d gone to bed at ten (an unusually early hour for me, unfortunately), but also because the window shade was beating against the bedroom window pane, making a […]

Dear yogis,…Leave valuables in change room at own risk. All are divine but some do not know it yet.

The famous Macy’s store on Manhattan’s 34th Street now has two shoe departments: a “Comfortable” shoe section stocked with sneakers and rubber-soled sandals, and a “Fashion” shoe department brimming with the kind of spiky footwear you might see on “Desperate […]

Must read! Must read! Do not miss the interview on “co-creational” sex with “futurist and social architect” Barbara Marx Hubbard still accessible on the website “What Is Enlightenment?”. Everybody knows that the sexual heat of a youthful relationship is one […]