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For the sake of full disclosure I am a RABID New York Giants fan. That said, wasn’t it easier to root for the more down-to-earth Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning than the surly Bill Belichick and the success-has-come-too-easily Tom Brady? […]

As if we don’t have enough people flipping the bird at the U.S. and who “don’t give a crap”, pardon the language, rapper M.I.A. got into the action. In case you haven’t heard, though you probably have … which is […]

There are reasons why I call Sunday’s game the “Stupor Bowl”. I enjoy the NFL and LOVE the New York Giants, but some things that go with the game are pretty ridiculous … like the choice of music acts for […]

Ugh … no not my name … but I was SO wrong about Joe Namath for so many years. I would look at his sub-par statistics and think the guy MUST have been overrated. I know I wrote it already, […]

I am a New York Giants fan … first and foremost. But while I appreciate Eli Manning’s development as a quarterback and person, I can’t say enough good things about his older brother, Peyton, the perhaps soon-to-be ex Indianapolis Colts […]

Tim Tebow has had plenty of ups and downs this season with wins and losses, good passes and poor passes, fans and critics alike. Talk about steady and unflappable though … his great attitude keeps Tebow moving forward … quite […]

Talk about doing the right thing for the wrong reason? Years ago Charles Barkley, the ex-NBA great turned entertaining TNT basketball analyst flatly refused to be a role-model for youngsters. He even did commercials where he angrily stated: “I am […]

Leave it to those nutty kids at Riverhead High School on Long Island to cause a stir. Or create a ‘Wave’ as it were … as in the school’s mascot. But even Connor Carroll or Tyler Carroll, two of the […]

Nice guys don’t HAVE to finish last. Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is certainly proof of that. Somehow, some way he is 7-1 as the Broncos starter. This success comes despite the fact Tebow is not yet a great quarterback. […]

I usually think it’s schlocky and corny when they show Hollywood stars at events and games. I think that ticket should have gone to someone who REALLY wants to be there, not just someone a network can point out and […]