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“Find something you love to do in this world and don’t let anyone ever change your opinion that you can do it.” Former Major League Baseball pitcher Jim Abbott said the above during a recent CBS Sunday Morning profile. Abbott […]

There’s just too much death and sadness in the news lately. It wasn’t any better Wednesday with reports of the suicide, via a single bullet to the chest, of ex-legendary NFL linebacker Junior Seau. I always regretted missing the opportunity […]

They’re useless and painful to watch. They annoy the heck out of the coach and probably the poor sideline reporters that have to “conduct” them: They are the in-game interview with the coaches and they must stop NOW! You’ve seen […]

It’s not easy starting a television network, just ask Oprah Winfrey. The queen of the daytime talk show has found it MUCH more difficult to run her own, that is OWN. That’s what makes the success of the YES Network […]

I respect the heck out of the great Roger Federer. I appreciate the toughness and passion behind Rafael Nadal, especially his heartfelt remarks about 9/11 over the years. Why haven’t I yet warmed up to the new No.1 tennis player […]

To say Mark Teixeira has been a solid contributor with the New York Yankees would be an understatement. The first baseman, entering his fourth season in the Bronx after signing  as a free agent, has belted over 30 homers and […]

What a shame, what a crying shame. The death of three horses for the making of  the HBO series ‘Luck‘ is a real disgrace and is pretty darn unforgivable, as well. Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte, among other actors who […]

I can admit when I am wrong about something, and it’s possible I was over the matter of New Jersey flying its flags at half staff following the death of Whitney Houston. As so many people pointed out, the honor […]

It doesn’t have to be ‘cool’ to be a Christian. It doesn’t have to be ‘fun’ to be a Christian. Gary Cartersure made it seem that way, though. The former MLB catching great was a joy to watch on the […]

I love sports, but it’s rare I’ll watch an NBA game from start to finish. I made an exception the other day, however, and caught the entire Knicks-Lakers game on ESPN. As Magic Johnson himself said, Jeremy Lin is the […]