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Call me old-fashioned and that’s just fine but there’s something appropriate about owners acting like owners. I guess I am spoiled by how the Tisch and Mara families have handled themselves as owners of the New York Giants: with dignity […]

First off, for a disclaimer, I am NOT a big fan of everything Los Angeles. Take the traffic, overcrowding, bloated sports teams and mostly liberal politicians. Take them all … please! That said, it’s difficult not to admire and respect […]

At 6’5, 275 pounds and often flashing a gap-tooth grin former New York Giants star Michael Strahan is hard to miss. He’ll be even more difficult to miss soon when he takes over as Kelly Ripa’s co-host on ABC’s Live. […]

I forgot where I first saw the  question, but it has certainly stuck with me: Does it really matter what nation wins the most medals at the Olympics? Ummm…I’ll take that one … YES! Of course I am an American […]

The London Olympics have to be considered a success with a mostly fun, if overblown, opening night and lots of great competitions. But my trainer the other day brought up a very interesting point in which I thought I should […]

Sports fans, and even non-sports fans somehow get caught up in the majesty of the Olympics every four years. It just happens. Actually, standout athletes like LeBron James, coming off his first NBA title, and swimming greats like Michael Phelps […]

OK, so Tiger Woods crumbled with a final-round 75 Sunday at the British  Open. One of golf’s all-time greats still had a strong four-day run to finish tied for third and his game is still solid overall. Although Tiger had […]

They are arguably the nicest and most accessible of the professional sports stars. But are NHL players also the coolest of the four major sports? Some of the world’s most beautiful women certainly think so, including pop music sensation Carrie […]

NBC was wise to take over Versus and turn it into the NBC Sports Network. Just as it made a smart decision to give sportscaster Bob Costas a sports-talk show. The Long Island native known more for putting down his […]

When you go on Jim Rome’s radio or television sports talk shows you should EXPECT there to be an uncomfortable moment or two. While Rome is an OK interviewer and solid enough host, the specter of Jim Everett has ALWAYS […]