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I am more than a day late and probably a dollar short on this post, but I still have to write about one SUPER inspiring kid: Colton Burpo. The kid author of Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding […]

I recently passed the 300 mark in reader comments, and that’s pretty exciting to me. After all, besides pageviews, there’s no other way to be sure people are ACTUALLY reading this feature/blog than getting comments. It’s fun to hear from […]

Leave it to those nutty kids at Riverhead High School on Long Island to cause a stir. Or create a ‘Wave’ as it were … as in the school’s mascot. But even Connor Carroll or Tyler Carroll, two of the […]

Nice guys don’t HAVE to finish last. Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is certainly proof of that. Somehow, some way he is 7-1 as the Broncos starter. This success comes despite the fact Tebow is not yet a great quarterback. […]

Just saw a report that Alec Baldwin was tossed off a plane for refusing to stop playing a game on his cell phone. It’s just another instance of him refusing to play by the rules and behave himself. It’s gotten […]

I can’t get enough of Thanksgiving … the food or the sentiment. I also realized there were more things to list than I did in my previous feature about five things on television I am thankful for. Such as: Magazine […]

Remember Davey and Goliath? Now that, my friends, WAS a cartoon! for this post goes to a high school alumnae of mine, JoAnne, who mentioned Davy and Goliath and The Little Rascals were two shows she just couldn’t shut […]

An old family friend wrote in the other day “man, you are tight, lol”. He was referring to my recent feature on ESPN analyst Bobby Valentine in which I knocked the former Mets manager for using the expression “baseball gods”, […]

I know Bobby Valentine’s voice drives some people crazy, and others didn’t like him when he was manager of the New York Mets. But I think the ESPN analyst is pretty good … and he did a fine job leading […]

It’s almost funny on those rare occasions I watch MSNBC seeing the hosts rip into Republicans and the Republican party. Ummm folks one small problem … it’s Democrats that control both the Senate and the White House. The channel’s latest […]