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I can’t get enough of Thanksgiving … the food or the sentiment. I also realized there were more things to list than I did in my previous feature about five things on television I am thankful for. Such as: Magazine […]

I am going to be a hypocrite here in today’s feature, but just a little bit. I often rail on reality shows, for instance, but in reality not all of them are bad. The Duggars on TLC, for instance, are […]

Sorry for those of you who are “offended” if Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries wedding was a set up to make millions of dollars and gain more viewers to the E! network reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. If […]

Reality TV has spawned plenty of garbage, but WE’s Downsized isn’t one such program. The program shows the real-life struggles of a decent hard-working family living near Phoenix, AZ. Todd and Laura Bruce and their seven children lived well before […]

I can’t and won’t watch the ABC comedy Modern Family‘ in its entirety. I have my reasons, but that is for another blog post perhaps. The snippets I have seen of one of the dad’s, Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell) , […]

I watched two episodes of Man, Woman, Wild over the weekend and found it to be fairly wild. It takes some time to suspend your belief or disbelief that a couple, including a former Special Forces survival expert and ex-TV […]

Perhaps she was still too upset and emotional about the end of her recently-cancelled reality series Kate Plus 8, but Kate Gosselin’s Monday morning interview on Today was quite revealing. Unfortunately for her, not in a good way as when […]

I have seen some interviews with Denise Richards in recent months and I am impressed with her level-headedness and how well spoken she is. Was she really once married to Charlie Sheen? That’s really intended to be a compliment to […]

I don’t get any joy from Monday night’s news that TLC has pulled the plug on its reality show Kate Plus Eight. I feel sadness for a woman, Kate Gosselin, whose life has changed so much due to fame and […]

Silly me. I thought Game Show Network was supposed to be a bunch of old ‘classic’ game shows with a few new ones sprinkled in. I turned it on the other night by accident, looking for Nick at Nite, and […]