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Some of you who wrote in about my “uptight about TV” feature the other day may be right: Who needs TV? I may not need reality shows any more thanks to my neighbor, Gary. I think I will just put […]

Sorry for those of you who are “offended” if Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries wedding was a set up to make millions of dollars and gain more viewers to the E! network reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. If […]

Reality TV has spawned plenty of garbage, but WE’s Downsized isn’t one such program. The program shows the real-life struggles of a decent hard-working family living near Phoenix, AZ. Todd and Laura Bruce and their seven children lived well before […]

The judges are kind of obnoxious at times and you need to appreciate dance to fully enjoy it, but Dancing With The Stars definitely has one hero to root for this season: Iraqi war veteran J.R. Martinez, who suffered burns […]

I watched two episodes of Man, Woman, Wild over the weekend and found it to be fairly wild. It takes some time to suspend your belief or disbelief that a couple, including a former Special Forces survival expert and ex-TV […]

I think sometimes I get more information on the news scroll at the bottom of the screen than I do from the news or entertainment program itself. Even on Entertainment Tonight, which I usually blow past on the dial, I […]

It’s so easy to get disappointed with athletes and forget they are human beings too. Being brought up in the four-paper, 24-hour sports radio environment of New York I have often fallen into the trap of disliking players … often […]

Perhaps she was still too upset and emotional about the end of her recently-cancelled reality series Kate Plus 8, but Kate Gosselin’s Monday morning interview on Today was quite revealing. Unfortunately for her, not in a good way as when […]

Heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. That’s the best way to describe the dance troupe Silhouettes, which appears to be a top-10, at least, finisher on this season’s edition of America’s Got Talent. As impressive as their routine was […]

Let’s see … we have reality shows on obvious subjects like dating and competitions for money. Then there are the less obvious topics like storage, couponing, cupcakes and the like. Are there any remaining topics? A few, perhaps … like […]