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The more I have heard from Charlie Sheen over the last year, the more I like his brother Emilio Estevez. It’s not nice and certainly not Christian to make fun of Charlie Sheen’s well-documented troubles so I won’t. Instead, it’s […]

I have to admit, the opposite of what I thought would happen with Sarah Palin’s documentary took place. I thought The Undefeated would be critically panned but be a cult hit among Evangelical Christians and/or conservative Republicans. Instead, apparently the […]

Sometimes parents can learn a thing or two from their children. Such is the case with documentary filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi. Her mother, in case you don’t know from the last name is Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the U.S. House […]

Cute. sweet and funny. Judging by the trailer and reviews for Larry Crowne, that appears to be the best way to describe the new movie release. Despite solid performances by Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, however, is that enough to […]

Anything that can break through John McEnroe and show the heart of the man through all the complicated layers deserves credit. HBO Documentaries does just that with Fire and Ice, a film about McEnroe’s rivalry with Bjorn Borg during a […]

Tracy Morgan is a very talented comedian and actor who addresses topics head-on with a joke. His recent diatribe about gays and what he would do to his own son if he found out he was homosexual was WAY over […]

There is enough dislike for Sarah Palin on either side of the political spectrum that she will probably never be president. The attacks on the former Alaska governor and FOX News contributor are truly beyond the pale, however. They should […]

Jim Carrey is one of the few people in the world that can make you laugh without doing much of anything. That was true Thursday on The Today Show when Carrey promoted his new film Mr. Poppers Penguins. He mugged […]

Talk about aging gracefully and with a sense of humor. No one epitomizes that better than the legendary movie and TV actor Abe Vigoda. Vigoda is famous for his role as Sal Tessio in The Godfather, but also starred on […]

They may be movie stars, but the father and daughter tandem of Paul and Mira Sorvino are people too. Mira, in fact, is a bit of a doting daughter these days due to her dad’s diabetes. The pair were on […]