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Thanks to you readers and the folks at Beliefnet, this feature recently reached its 200th posting. It’s been so much fun and eye-opening doing this “work”, and I thank you SO much for reading and supporting it. It’s easy to […]

I don’t mean to sound heartless … really I don’t. I bawled like a six-year-old, after all, when I watched Jackie Evancho sing on PBS the other night (thanks for the over 100 facebook shares, too). She was superb and […]

If Fallon, Nevada ISN’T named after Jimmy Fallon, NBC‘s late night talk show host …. well it SHOULD be! His dead-ringer impression, pardon the expression, of Jim Morrison the former front-man of The Doors is amazing. And his stint as […]

I told the bosses at BN when I was approved for this gig … writing TV features, that is … that I would find inspiring things to write about. Well, today won’t be one of those days. That’s because tonight […]

First of all, I’ll just come clean on something … I am VERY jealous of Chris Berman. The ESPN “personality” broadcasts the top sports for top dollars and then makes EVEN more money appearing in ads. He can even get […]

What would we do without Universal HD channel? That is the question I pondered Thursday afternoon when I checked out its schedule for the evening. First there was Finding John Christmas and A Town Without Christmas, followed by episodes of […]

Let’s see … we have reality shows on obvious subjects like dating and competitions for money. Then there are the less obvious topics like storage, couponing, cupcakes and the like. Are there any remaining topics? A few, perhaps … like […]

I have to admit I missed or avoided most of the Larry the Cable Guy phenomenon of recent years, except of course for his famous phrase: “Git-R-Done”. Larry deserves credit for being more than just a one-trick pony though, racking […]

Staples office supply company made a shrewd move to include ‘Manny’ in its latest ads. No, not the surly ex-baseball slugger Manny Ramirez or the possibly overexposed boxing great Manny Pacquiao. Manny, the youngster much like an adult on Modern […]

No one does more corny puns than me. One group of people does, however: the advertising firms for American products. Sonic, a hamburger chain throughout the U.S. and a half-hour worthwhile drive for me, recently did a take-off on America’s […]