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Heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. That’s the best way to describe the dance troupe Silhouettes, which appears to be a top-10, at least, finisher on this season’s edition of America’s Got Talent. As impressive as their routine was […]

I have blogged before about what a terrific job Nick Cannon has done as host of America’s Got Talent. Cannon boasts a great sense of  comedic timing, along with solid interviewing skills and he doesn’t seem to have a mean […]

There are still SOME inspiring shows on television, and CBS’ Same Name is one of them. The premise of the show is that celebrities like Mike Tyson, David Hasselhoff and Kathy Griffin change places with “unfamous” people who happen to […]

He’s basically a nice guy and he can be pretty funny, but George Lopez couldn’t carry a late night show. There’s no shame in that, as even bigger names have failed in the venture including Chevy Chase, Magic Johnson and […]

Yes, his appearances have become corny, cheesy and painful to watch but Jerry Lewis is the face of MDA. Let him say goodbye for cryin’ out loud! The organization recently announced it was parting ways with Lewis after 45 years. […]

I don’t stay up late to watch the late night talk shows. Only rarely do I even tape them to watch them in the morning. But I am here for you guys, though, the people who are even more fanatical […]

How can one group appear on two morning shows at once? Perhaps they are called “Journey” for a reason, as the rock group performed its classic Don’t Stop Believin’ on NBC’s Today Show Friday morning, then the song was performed […]

Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne are likeable in their roles as judges on America’s Got Talent, to be sure. But only Piers Morgan consistently takes his role seriously as a TRUE judge of talent. That was evident again Tuesday night […]

To me, David Letterman and Jay Leno have both gone stale in the battle for late night. On the rare occasions I have seen him, Conan O’Brien is still sharp and funny. The problem is, I really haven’t fully followed […]

I was a terrible official/referee for youth flag football when I tried it once. I am having the same results trying to figure out whether or not I enjoy NBC’s The Marriage Ref, which airs Sunday night on the network […]