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Marlins Awful On TV, On Field

posted by mattaug

I’ll admit I am a New York Yankees fan first and Mets, second, although the second part of that sentence can be really tough to deal with at times. As awful as the Mets have played in the second half […]

Thin-Skinned Jets Should Welcome ‘Broadway Joe’ Back

posted by mattaug

Ugh … no not my name … but I was SO wrong about Joe Namath for so many years. I would look at his sub-par statistics and think the guy MUST have been overrated. I know I wrote it already, […]

‘Beyond Scared Straight’ Is Worth Watching

posted by mattaug

Pardon the grammar but “Beyond Scared Straight” ain’t no joke. The A&E series gives would be convicts a real look, a real CLOSE look, at what life behind bars would be like. What it IS like, actually. And it’s no […]

‘Break Up The Kardashians': Odom Trade Could Do Just That

posted by mattaug

Perhaps David Stern is a fan of Keeping up with the Kardashians? The NBA commissioner probably isn’t a fan of reality shows, however, as the NBA IS its own reality show. The Kardashians probably breathed a sigh of relief when […]

Duggars Deliver … In More Ways Than One

posted by mattaug

I am going to be a hypocrite here in today’s feature, but just a little bit. I often rail on reality shows, for instance, but in reality not all of them are bad. The Duggars on TLC, for instance, are […]

‘Downsized’ A Good Fit For TV

posted by mattaug

Reality TV has spawned plenty of garbage, but WE’s Downsized isn’t one such program. The program shows the real-life struggles of a decent hard-working family living near Phoenix, AZ. Todd and Laura Bruce and their seven children lived well before […]

Man, Woman, (Fairly) Wild

posted by mattaug

I watched two episodes of Man, Woman, Wild over the weekend and found it to be fairly wild. It takes some time to suspend your belief or disbelief that a couple, including a former Special Forces survival expert and ex-TV […]

Barry Zito: Struggling Pitcher, Heckuva’ Person

posted by mattaug

It’s so easy to get disappointed with athletes and forget they are human beings too. Being brought up in the four-paper, 24-hour sports radio environment of New York I have often fallen into the trap of disliking players … often […]

Extreme Couponing? Makes ‘Cents’ To Me

posted by mattaug

Russ Mitchell was on to something big, and small, when the anchor ended the CBS Evening News with a segment on “extreme couponing” Saturday night. Due to the rough economy, using coupons has become en vogue again as people look […]

Kate Gosselin Helps Blog Hit 100 Comments

posted by mattaug

One of the more fun things about doing a blog is getting feedback from readers. If you don’t get feedback, after all, you wonder why bother writing ‘em? Kate Gosselin is responsible for pushing my comments well over 100 since […]

TLC Pulls Plug: Viewers Could No Longer Relate To Kate Gosselin

posted by mattaug

I don’t get any joy from Monday night’s news that TLC has pulled the plug on its reality show Kate Plus Eight. I feel sadness for a woman, Kate Gosselin, whose life has changed so much due to fame and […]

Kate, Don’t Date … Eight Is Enough

posted by mattaug

News that Kate Gosselin is even considering dating again is, well, disturbing to put it mildly. The star of Kate Plus 8 is attractive and single, although that’s arguable on either point. Kate Gosselin can’t really be considered single whether […]

Palin Documentary The Undefeated Ready For TV

posted by mattaug

I have to admit, the opposite of what I thought would happen with Sarah Palin’s documentary took place. I thought The Undefeated would be critically panned but be a cult hit among Evangelical Christians and/or conservative Republicans. Instead, apparently the […]

Dr. Drew Worries As Charlie Sheen’s Ex Battles Addiction

posted by mattaug

I have changed my mind about Dr. Drew over the years. As portrayed on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab, Dr. Drew shows he really does care about the people he’s trying to help. Dr. Drew indicated he is troubled that Brooke Mueller, […]

Alexandra Pelosi: Mostly Fair Documentary Filmmaker

posted by mattaug

Sometimes parents can learn a thing or two from their children. Such is the case with documentary filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi. Her mother, in case you don’t know from the last name is Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the U.S. House […]

A&E’s Hoarders Hard To Watch … In Good Way

posted by mattaug

There are many different things to get dangerously hooked on in life, and hoarding is certainly one of them, especially in America with its relative wealth. The A&E show Hoarders points out at the beginning of each program that 3 […]

Borg-McEnroe Rivalry Revisited In Stellar HBO Documentary

posted by mattaug

Anything that can break through John McEnroe and show the heart of the man through all the complicated layers deserves credit. HBO Documentaries does just that with Fire and Ice, a film about McEnroe’s rivalry with Bjorn Borg during a […]

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