Changing Channels
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How is it that Jerry Stiller just keeps getting better with age? He was terrific as George Costanza’s father Frank in Seinfeld and arguably even better as Carrie’s dad Arthur in King of Queens. The father of superstar Ben Stiller, […]

Pepsi has taken more angles in trying to defeat Coca Cola than Ashton Kutcher with a camera in all those photo ads. Well, it took Santa Claus to do it but Pepsi finally “outcooled” Coke, at least for this summer. […]

OK, I’ll admit it. I LOVE that commercial for magnetic screens where people and pets can push their way through without having to continually open and shut doors. (Oh, the things we have to endure in this nation!) The people […]

Credit American Airlines for the company’s terrific TV commercials paying homage to our troops. In one spot an African American female soldier humbly takes a salute from a fellow passenger while boarding a plane. In another ad a white male […]

I couldn’t help but notice which “Just For Men” commercial was selected to air during Saturday’s Mets-Yankees game on FOX Saturday afternoon baseball. The ad was fine, even kind of sweet and funny, with the two girls prodding their father […]

When I first started blogging some months back I only wrote about commercials. Although I since expanded it to all things television, I still like to blog about commercials occasionally. To be creative, smart, informative and even entertaining in 30 […]

You know a commercial is good when you could have changed the channel … but didn’t. That’s usually the case with McDonalds ads, including its most recent one of a lemon with a human face whining about he’s usually referred […]