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First of all, I’ll just come clean on something … I am VERY jealous of Chris Berman. The ESPN “personality” broadcasts the top sports for top dollars and then makes EVEN more money appearing in ads. He can even get […]

Bru-tal, or as I would say in my classic rock days … Jethro Bru-tull. That’s the best way to describe “local” auto dealership ads across the country. Having lived in New York, California and North Carolina I have seen some […]

Director Spike Lee and State Farm deserve tons of credit for teaming up on this tremendous goodwill ad for 9/11. Firefighters (and police for that matter) deserve our love, admiration and respect and this spot hits all the right notes […]

It would be better if I noticed more important things. And perhaps I shouldn’t even blog about this … but here goes. Bayer recently began airing an ad for a new extra strength formula product supposed to provide relief within […]

The NFL got its labor situation settled just in time. Not just for the season, but with plenty of time to air ads intended to create or reestablish goodwill with its fans. You have probably seen the ads already, where […]

I have been able to brush the age thing aside for a long time, but I officially became OLD Wednesday. That’s the same day Alyssa Milano gave birth to Milo Thomas Bugliari, a seven pound, 19 inch-long baby boy. After […]

I’m taking this blog post off … count your blessings … to bring you this VERY FUNNY ad! It’s so well done, it speaks for itself. ………………………………………………………… for a look at the sports of the day please check out:

Goodbye ‘King’ … we hardly knew ye. Burger King will reportedly drop use of the statuesque ‘King’, which I did not think was such a great advertising face to begin with. Some people think he looked a little creepy and […]

Staples office supply company made a shrewd move to include ‘Manny’ in its latest ads. No, not the surly ex-baseball slugger Manny Ramirez or the possibly overexposed boxing great Manny Pacquiao. Manny, the youngster much like an adult on Modern […]

No one does more corny puns than me. One group of people does, however: the advertising firms for American products. Sonic, a hamburger chain throughout the U.S. and a half-hour worthwhile drive for me, recently did a take-off on America’s […]