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I recently passed the 300 mark in reader comments, and that’s pretty exciting to me. After all, besides pageviews, there’s no other way to be sure people are ACTUALLY reading this feature/blog than getting comments. It’s fun to hear from […]

Glad to see my last post on Best Buy’s ads knocking Santa struck a cord with hundreds of readers and several comments. I LOVE Best Buy and have purchased several products there over the years … and hopefully I’ll still […]

Let me make one thing perfectly clear … as the late, great President Nixon used to say… I have NEVER been a big fan of Santa Claus. I think he’s part of the commercial distraction that takes away from the […]

Just saw a report that Alec Baldwin was tossed off a plane for refusing to stop playing a game on his cell phone. It’s just another instance of him refusing to play by the rules and behave himself. It’s gotten […]

Thanks to you readers and the folks at Beliefnet, this feature recently reached its 200th posting. It’s been so much fun and eye-opening doing this “work”, and I thank you SO much for reading and supporting it. It’s easy to […]

I’ve been meaning to write about this one for some time, but wasn’t quite sure how to address it. Is the ad for Snickers, the one where two sharks “discuss” the difference of how people tasted, and decide the person […]

An old family friend wrote in the other day “man, you are tight, lol”. He was referring to my recent feature on ESPN analyst Bobby Valentine in which I knocked the former Mets manager for using the expression “baseball gods”, […]

I LOVE my trip to Wendy’s every couple of weeks because I enjoy their burgers and their salads. Yes … that’s right the salads. Wendy’s has some of the most creative ones around and I still say it’s good to […]

Former NBA coach Phil Jackson is pretty good in an ad he is currently starring in for Audi. “Jax”, who led the Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls to championships, tells a restaurant boss yelling at an underling that “I […]

I am a big fan of TV news magazine shows like Dateline, 20-20 and I still watch parts of 60 Minutes after all these years. I am glad NBC is giving a go to another program of that ilk in […]