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Rob Riggle

I’m am generally not a fan of NFL pregame shows, but I always enjoyed Frank Caliendo’s work on FOX NFL Sunday for the past dozen years.

His “relationship” with the show abruptly ended prior to this season, however, when Caliendo tweeted he would not be returning.

No more John Madden, Robert DeNiro or Jay Leno impressions from the skit-man … kind of a shame!

The void hasn’t lasted long, however, thanks to the sensational weekly efforts of Rob Riggle.

Riggle doesn’t do impressions, he just DOES funny, like this week’s skit when he played a motivational speaker.

He motivated me to laugh with his ways of “wriggling” out of things, and Paris Hilton deserves credit for playing along in a cameo appearance as did Wink Martindale.

The ex-Daily Show correspondent and SNL cast member is a Marine Corps Reserve who has served in some of the world’s hot spots.

Caliendo can’t be replaced, but Riggle has wisely carved out his own niche. Well done Riggle, well done.


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